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Building robust collaborations to "ATTACK" future pandemics

As COVID-19 pandemic continues, the development of antiviral drug treatments has become a critical weapon in our arsenal against the virus. The California-based UC-NL ATTACK Consortium is building on our novel science and technologies towards drug discovery. Hear more from the recent ATTACK Consortium conference.

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Pharmafile - Merck and UCLA Find New COVID-19 Treatment Candidate

Our UCLA campus lead Professor Robert Damoiseaux in collaboration with Vaithilingaraja Arumugaswami and his research team discovered compounds that could treat COVID-19. This work was published in the journal Cell Reports and highlighted in a Pharmafile article.

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NBC-Where Are The Cures For Covid-19?

Project member, Dr. Julia Schaletzky, and her team were highlighted on NBC news. Dr. Schaletzky and her team tested Remdesivir in combination with thousands of approved drugs to see if just one would make Remdesivir better at killing the virus. 

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UC-NL ATTACK Consortium  E V E N T S

The UC-NL ATTACK Consortium and its participating campuses and organizations are planning a wide array of antiviral drug discovery-related symposia, seminars, and other events that are open to faculty, staff, and trainees 

S Y M P O S I A  &  S E M I N A R S

The 2021 UC-NL ATTACK Inaugural Symposium was held at 

UCLA on December 9th and 10th

Please contact Brigitte Gomperts (bgomperts at

for more information

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